Relaunching Freelancers at Retail: A CEW Webinar

Now that stores are reopening and customers are shopping again, if you’re a brand, you’re probably thinking about how to put sales talent back into stores to drive engagement and increase sales. Glenn Laumeister, CEO, AllWork, and Amanda Domaleczny, VP of Global Sales, TULA Skincare, recently hosted a CEW Webinar to discuss a case study on engaging your retail audience with AllWork’s technology platform and how you can apply these best practices when re-entering the retail scene.


Reassessing Your Retail Recruitment Strategies

By Sophia Elise

Among the many challenges the COVID-19 era has brought to the retail space, recruitment is one that businesses will need to focus on more moving forward. Finding the right people to fill open jobs is never easy, but now — with so much about the workforce and our day-to-day lives having changed — there are new considerations. With this in mind, we’ve put together a few ideas for how to reassess and improve upon recruitment strategies given the new normal.


47% of Hiring Managers Plan to Use More Freelancers Because of Covid-19

Hiring Flexible Workers

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly had an effect on the workforce, with companies being forced to furlough employees or eliminate roles entirely. Now, businesses are taking this time the reevaluate just how many full-time roles they actually need and how they can tap into the nearly 60 million freelancers who work every year in the US. 


The AllWork Guide to Restarting Your Field Team

The past few weeks have been an unprecedented time for brands and retailers. Now that stores are reopening and customers are shopping again, it’s time to put sales talent back into store to drive engagement and increase sales. However, things are different from where you last left them and it requires a new approach to managing your talent that you may not be used to.

That’s why we’ve created a guide for restarting this remote, in-store field team. We’ve laid out some of the best practices that we’ve seen working with over 50 beauty brands and the steps you can take to help ensure success reentering the retail scene.


Moving Forward, Retail Requires Efficiency

To say the least, COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the retail industry over the past few weeks. In fact, more than 47,000 retail stores closing in just the first week because of the virus. While the closures happened quickly, the process of reopening retail will require a slow and methodical approach. With such a massive blow to the industry, retailers, and brands who sell into these retailers, can’t afford anything less than efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to managing their staff.


Beauty Industry Hiring Resource Guide

While hiring efforts may be at a stand-still for most of the beauty industry, we’ve already begun speaking to many of our clients on how to approach restart and reengage the beauty industry once they’re ready to regroup and get back to retail sales.

Professionally, the industry has certainly taken a hit and many brands may be missing key sales talent when stores reopen. In response, we wanted to share with everyone a curated list of communities and resources, both free and paid, that you and your team can use to find top beauty talent.


Succeeding at Retail: 10 Best Practices You Should Adopt Now

As COVID-19 continues to impact the retail industry, the AllWork team has been working closely with our brand partners and while most retail locations across the country remain closed, we’ve used this time to take a look back at what we have learned over the past year from working with over 50 beauty brands. We have aggregated some of the best practices that have helped these brands get ahead and succeed at retail by managing their in-store talent efficiently.

These best practices are based on working with teams of thousands of beauty advisors, event staff, and managers. By creating this checklist, we are hoping to share the most impactful strategies and the things that the best-managed programs do differently to help increase retail sales, improve customer engagement and improve the ROI on labor spend.


Dear Retail, We Miss You

While the past few years have been clouded by talk of a ‘retail-apocalypse’, the recent temporary closures of many retail locations has brought into focus just how false this narrative has been.

If anything, we can all see now just how important retail is and the human interactions that come along with it. Without these brick-and-mortar experiences, shopping is just a transaction on a screen. Quality one-on-one interactions and experiences at retail have been, and will always be, important. We are reminded of that now more than ever. Now that we don’t have them, it’s amazing how much we miss the human connections that are part of our daily routines with many of those interactions take place in retail stores.


Ideas for Leveraging Your Field Team During COVID-19

These past few weeks have brought a quick wave of uncertainty for the retail industry as we continue to battle against a growing pandemic.  Many brands across the country, and the world, have needed to put their in-store field teams on pause and re-evaluate just about everything in their business. With all of the upheaval going on maybe you are thinking about how to restructure your field team.


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